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the adbusters
Though culture jamming is an undercurrent that never dries up entirely, there is no doubt that for the last five years it has been in the midst of revival ,and one focused more on politics than on pranksterism. For a growing number of young activists, adbusting has presented itself as the perfect tool with which to register disapproval of the multinational corporations that have so aggressively stalked them as shoppers, and so unceremoniously dumped them as workers. Influenced by media theorists such as Noam Chomsky, Edward Herman, Mark Crispin Miller, Robert McChesney and Ben Bagdikian, all of whom have explored ideas about corporate control over information flows, the adbusters are writing theory on the streets, literally deconstructing corporate culture with a waterproof magic marker and a bucket of wheatpaste. (pag.283/284)
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Pictures by Pino Boresta with sentences freely drawn from Naomi Klein's book "No logo"